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Welcome to Ferenze!

General Information:

The entire world is split in three large geographic areas. The city of Ferenza sits by a large interior sea, and the other cities around the sea share a common culture very much like medieval or renaissance Italy.

For backgrounds, my only request is that you pick one of the factions below to be associated with. There are five factions within the city you’ll be playing in:

The Imperial Duke Niccovante, his army, household, and administration. His sister is beautiful and powerful in her own regard. Her title is Duchess Soros (sister duke, essentially) and her name is Reynata. The Duke’s general is General Josepho, and Josepho’s right hand man is a Northerner who rose through the ranks. His name is Connar Wallace, also called Tall Connar by his friends, and “That dirty upstart pagan” by his enemies.

The Nobles, who at times challenge or ally with the Duke. The heads of the families are: Octavio Cordata, Lorenzo Musso, Rosalia Montebalo, Romero Murcatto and Nicomo Cosca

The Church. The Arch-Deacon is named Angelo. He’s essentially a pope. This city has one god called Sol Invictus, who is a male-oriented sun god. His domains are the exact same as Pelor, but substitute War for Healing. He’s a NG warrior god, more concerned with strength than healing. You can treat the church just like the Catholic church. He has two sub-Deacons named Carlo and Dominic, who do not agree on anything whatsoever. If you want to be associated with the Revelation instead, you’re welcome to do so. You’d have to be of southern extraction, though.

The Merchant Guilds. The merchants in the city are Imperials (from Ferenza or neighboring cities), or Southern merchant trains. Northerners send trade in timber or furs, but the Imperials look down on their barbarian neighbors and don’t pay their merchants much mind. They’re organized loosely into guilds for Wool/Silk, Gold, Tobacco, Spices, and Wine. Other commodities don’t attract enough money for guilds to really be bothered. The merchants have a heavy sea presence as well.

The Criminal Underworld. Criminals more or less rule the poor areas of Ferenza. There are four people in charge. The Wolf controls the thieves, The Fox controls whores, gambling dens, and drugs, The Raven deals in information and assassinations, and The Shark handles slaving and gladiatorial gambling.

For religion, you’re welcome to worship Sol Invictus (portrayed as an armed and armored man in shining yellow with wings), The God of the Revelation (portrayed as a man in white robes and bare feet like Jesus), or the pagan God and Goddess (the God is portrayed as a hunter with antlers, and the Goddess is a basic fertility goddess with a sickle and a bundle of wheat). Northerners also have a host of minor deities, including local gods of particular trees or rivers. The northerners don’t have an organized religion, so there are no northern clerics.

Character Generation

Use House Rules:

1) 2 extra skill points per level
2) Pick to skills to always be class skills for your character
3) Hit Point Progression chart

Start at level 4, with a 30 point buy of abilities.

As far as classes go, besides druids and rangers, everything else is permissible. For barbarians, you’re restricted to being Northern. If you want to be a cleric, you have to be either Imperial and worship Sol Invictus, or southern and worship the Revelation. Paladins have the same restriction. I don’t mind monks, but I don’t think any of you are monkish.

For races, this is a 100% human world, however, Genasi are also permitted. Those are human-elemental hybrids. If you want to play a genasi, you look very close to human. Here’s a page about them: I’ll make other adjustments soon.

Languages are Imperial, Semitic (southern), and Gallic (northern). You get Imperial automatically.

Trouble in Ferenze

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