Trouble in Ferenze

Caelin's Journal

I wonder why I continue to put my thoughts on paper. I just burn the pages anyway. Too many secrets…too many secrets within secrets. Lies within lies. I grow tired of this “reality” of my life. I guess that’s why I put my thoughts down here, not as a record to look back on, but it is the only way to keep perspective on what is real.
Anyways.. We tracked the hooded figure that picked up the sleeping poison outside of Bawb’s warehouse. We tracked him to the Musso estate. Boy did I have egg on my face. I knew “Uncle” wouldn’t be involved but who could it be? I managed to convince the group the Duke sent me with to investigate on my own while they wait outside. That sure did take some convincing as they really don’t trust me at all. Heck, I don’t blame them. The Northerner, Flynn, is an odd sort but a decent chap. The Cleric of that cursed religion (The ink here runs where it was hit by spittle), is not a bad fellow either even though he is part of the church. Oh I dream of the day when they fall from grace and their hold on this city is broken. The bard though…he is not to be trusted. He wants “Uncle” dead. And probably me too. I will have to be very careful of that one.
But I digress. I entered the Musso estate and asked the guards who had just entered. They told me it was Giuseppe. Curses! “Uncle” will not be happy that his son is involved in this. And the others outside know the family is involved. I quickly spoke with “Uncle” and he told me that if indeed Giuseppe is involved, he will be punished. He allowed me to invite the other’s in my group to enter the estate and investigate. Bad idea as when we confronted Giuseppe he went wild and became violent. “Uncle” became so enraged that he stabbed him in the neck with a dagger. His only son… I saw regret in his eyes afterwards. But what was done was done. One bad timber could bring the entire house down. I guess it had to be done. At least now the Duke should not come down on us. Although we learned nothing useful from the incident. Who is behind all of this is still a mystery.
We took the corpse to the lower wards, to a temple where the northerner has friends. The priest cast speak with the dead on Giuseppe and asks a few questions. We found out pretty much what we already knew. The Shark and Deacon Carlo were involved.
Speaking of Deacon Carlo…That piece of shit bastard is dead. Poisoned. … What? Come on journal. You really think I am going to write down the name of the poisoner here? No. I won’t write down the name. I don’t care even if I burn you. I told you, secrets within secrets. Lies within lies. You should know better by now journal. But, the amusing thing is that they pinned it on the cleric in my group. Ha! I would have loved to watch him hang for it if I didn’t know him from any of the other clerics of that cursed religion (more spittle makes the ink run). But he is a good person and he has saved my behind in battle. So I couldn’t let him take the fall, especially when I knew he was innocent. I pled before the Duke on his behalf that Deacon Carlo must have committed suicide when he found out that he had been discovered. They didn’t buy the idea entirely, but it created enough doubt in their minds that they allowed the cleric to prove his innocence with a dual to first blood. He accepted the challenge and won. Case closed. I guess all’s well that ends well.

After the issue with the Deacon’s murder…err I mean “suicide”, was taken care of, we could go back to tracking down leads.
We ended up finding the diplomat tied up in one of the Shark’s prisons. We quickly freed her and brought her to the Duke.
Now to confront the Shark… We entered the gladiator games to see if we could get close. The cleric fought well as the rest of us worked the crowd trying to get more information. The Shark was there and he was with an air genasi…how odd. I still have no idea why that mirror called me “The prince of the air genasi”. I’ve never even met an air genasi.
Anyway, I found the fire genasi in the crowds that we saved during the street attack at night in the under ward. Apparently, they had one of their own fighting as well.
The bard was able to turn himself invisible and get close to the Shark and the air genasi. Overheard them conspiring about taking over the entire city. Curses! Things just go from bad to worse in this whole deal. Oh, and the Shark took credit for killing Deacon Carlo! Ha! What a crock of shit. Oh well, it’s probably for the best that everyone believes that is the case.
Things seemed to be looking up. The cleric was winning fights, we made contact with the fire genasi, and the Shark was right in our sights. Then the trap was sprung…by the shark! The hall emptied and we were attacked as the Shark and the air genasi fled. Bastards! We tore through his men and finally made our way out.
We came to a portal room with one of the pedestals that are activated by the crystal shard. It looks like it leads to somewhere in the north. Oh boy…I have a bad feeling about where we are about to go.
Alright. My head is a little more clear now. Time to put you in the fire.


Rocktopus_Jones osakamatt

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