Trouble in Ferenze



(Flynn would not keep a journal. This would be more of a conversation he would hold with Shovelle.)

SHOEVELLE: “How have you been, my brother?”

FLYNN: (long silence) “… awkward. The Duke has sent me on a quest with great reward. He has stationed me with two teammates: Cailin – a noble from the House of Musso, and Tarsis – a cleric of Sol Invictus.”

SHOEVELLE: “The Musso House has been most loyal to the Duke.”

FLYNN: “That may be so. But Cailin draws concern. He checks in with criminals moreso than with members of his own house. Also there is a performer, by the name of Ooctavio. Who’s songs are very inspirational. But how has he made a living? And what are his loyalties to the Duke or the House of Musso?”

SHOEVELLE: “Do not judge.”

FLYNN: “Yes. My own history could never be explained.”

SHOEVELLE: “… and Tarsis?”

FLYNN: “Tarsis is a devoted follower of Sol Invectus. Our first visit on this quest was to the inn in the northern district of Frenze, The Golden Duck. Both Cailin and Ooctavio were well received. We examined the room where Modig was taken. Dr. Cornwallis and I-”

SHOEVELLE: “How is your baboon?”

FLYNN: “Dr. Cornwallis is fine. Controlled. Domestic. He has never shown signs of envy or jealousy. I find it strange that others believe he may be a sign of the apocalypse. Both Dr. Cornwallis and I found evidence of demon summoning. The room was a mural of blood. Evidence of someone being dragged away, a hand print and a large boot print lead us to believe the abductors have the following characteristics: 1) someone is a summoner 2) someone has access to alchemy 3)there is more than one 4) they are skilled, the lock was picked 5)and they are somehow related to the string of kidnappings. Which brought us here. We saved a young woman from a horrible fate of violence … Tarsis and I did not hesitate to save her…. whereas, and forgive my judgment, Cailin and Ooctavio were practically dragged to aid her. What noble connects with the underworld but does not help the down trodden? During the time, we discovered that Tarsis used to fight in the Gladitorial games. I remember my guards mentioning his name. Supposedly, he was a brutal opponent in the games. Eventually we came across and abduction. They were abducting (takes a moment to look around) a fire gensai. Who claimed that gensai are being targeted. And claimed that the Air Court is attempting to take over, so that the Air King may gain immortality. How does it all tie in, sir? The missing Princess of the Northern tribe – who is not part of any court, and the Air King attempting to take control through kidnappings. We were told, that it’s possible the Princess’ kidnapping is an attempt to start a war with the king. Back in my prime, I would take droves of the king’s army. I would drown them in large demonic beasts and pox divisions of his men with hexes and curses. Through my redemption (he pauses) and your teaches … I must pity him. Tonight we head to the warehouse. We will try to make contact with Bawb the Alchemist. Alchemist to the Shark. Bawb may have his own quest for power. It seems like men … the mortal lives of men … are tied into gaining power. You do not live, until your life means more than someone else’s-”

SHOVELLE: “Brother, you are vexed. Emotions weigh heavy on you. Take some of my prayer beads and be serene at the base of the Revelator.”

FLYNN: “I will my, friend.”

(Flynn takes the beads and walks towards a small alter. He stands fifteen feet away from the alter and stops.)

SHOVELLE: “What is the matter, my brother?”

FLYNN: “The great one will not let me get any closer … and my current master … makes me ill.”

SHOVELLE: “Here then (hands him a broom) sweep the grounds. Hopefully the Revelator will see your good service…”

(Flynn sweeps.)


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