Affixed to his face is a gigantic mask of two iron horns. They are so large they sway like a chandelier with every slight movement of his head. His torso is scrawny and heavily tattooed with markings of the Northerners and demonic sigils. Those tattoos which do not convey his tribe or demons are small vignettes of torture and death.

He is a silent presence amongst the party.

His hands are purple and bruised. His fingers are broken beyond repair and it seems like his every movement is bound by injury or pain.


A former high chief of a small village/tribe his action brought down the entire village. It became a hotbed of evil and sin.

Whereas the army of the Duke could have outright killed him for his horrible actions, instead Tall Connor took him prisoner. Leashed like a pet, he was brought before the Duke. The Duke ordered that he be kept prisoner and opened like egg. Perhaps Flynn’s secrets in magic and his experience with evil could be of use to the Duke.

Bishops, monks and doctors attempted to make a bond with him as a political prisoner. All failed, save only one … Shoevelle.

Perhaps redemption was possible?

Even taking into consideration the pure evil he brought on his own daughters…


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