Niccolo II, Duke of Ferenze

Duke of Ferenze,


Niccolo is Duke of Ferenze. While young, he is intelligent and savvy. He is referred to as “His Grace,” by his allies and “The Boy” by his enemies. He tries to keep good relations with the church and the merchants. Unlike his father, Niccolo The Grand, he has enacted legislation to protect immigrants within Ferenze and halt the persecution of followers of the Revelator. Because of this move, he has created enemies.

His sister is beautiful and powerful in her own regard. Her title is Duchess Soros (sister duke, essentially) and her name is Reynata. The Duke’s general is General Josepho, and Josepho’s right hand man is a Northerner who rose through the ranks. His name is Connar Wallace, also called Tall Connar by his friends, and “That dirty upstart pagan” by his enemies.



Niccolo II, Duke of Ferenze

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