Assassins creed 2 pc 14

There are several city-states surrounding the Satvian Sea (think Mediterranean). Each is ruled by a Duke, and all have lots of trade and ports. They have a fairly homogenous culture, drink wine rather than beer, use olive oil instead of butter, and worship Sol Invictus.

The mood is a busy, urban setting. The citizens don’t much care about outsiders, except for their dislike of northerners, who they regard and illiterate, unintelligent, uncivilized pagans who smell bad. The idea for the city is an Italian city-state, so if you’ve played Assassin’s Creed II, you know what I mean. It’s a mix of the very wealthy, artisans, merchants, craftsmen, and the very poor at the bottom rung.

Both Arcane and Divine Magic are considered a part of life, but it’s rare. Comparatively few people have magical powers, and anyone who has it is especially sought after by different factions.

The supernaturals you’re going to be most concerned with are elementals. Angels and demons will both enter the picture, as well. They’re part of the dogma of the church of Sol Invictus.

For combat, the nobles like to hire out their violence, as they’d rather fight with words and politicking than swords. The city has lots of alleyways and narrow avenues and little gardens, so fighting is mostly between small bands. In the poor area, gangs fight almost daily, and as you move toward the ocean, it’s hired men of different nobles spilling the blood.


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