The South


The south is desert-y and hot, populated by the Peoples of the Revelation. The general name for the south is Semitica, and it’s people are also called Semites. They worship one god, called the God of Revelation, who is LG and protects the weak, the homeless, orphans and widows, with a heavy emphasis on compassion and mercy. He is portrayed as a man in white robes and bare feet like Jesus. His domains are protection, law, healing, and good. You’ll find his clerics passing out bread to the poor, healing the sick, defending the weak, and battling criminals who exploit those who the powerful have forgotten.

Southerners have dark complexions and are well-adapted to their hot, dry homeland. Some join caravans and find themselves in the Satvian cities, and others tire of the hardships of the desert and head north. Others still go north to seek an education at one of the prestigious universities.

They have a city and a king named Ristos. They speak Semitic, but any southerner in Ferenze is also going to speak Imperial.

The South

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