Trouble in Ferenze

Note to Dominic

May Sol Invictus’s light and power forever strengthen and guide you.

I send you this urgent note as I fear I will not be able to show my head around the church until the evilness that is Carlo has been removed. When we met earlier today, I did not have a chance to tell you everything that had occurred. So here is my recollection as Sol Invictus has shown fit to have this warrior of light remember it.
As you know, the small group that was put together by the Duke – the very talented bard – Octavio, the enigmatic …..I don’t even know what to call him …. Recently freed from his mask of servitude – Flynn, and the representative of house Musso – Cailin (more on him in a bit) – we have seen much, learned much and fought much. Sol Invictus has seen fit to provide us all with his strength of muscle, and of will through it all.
We learned that the alchemist Bawb has been preparing this magical potion that knocks individuals unconscious. While he worked for the Shark, it seems he was under some form of geas put there by whom – we don’t know. It certainly could be Carlo, but it is still unclear. From his lab in an abandoned warehouse, we explored some very old tunnels underground. They showed signs as being used by the early followers of Sol Invictus himself! I believe they were used when the faithful were driven underground during the great battles between ‘he who shall remain nameless’ and Sol himself! Beautiful murals are still visible in the tunnels. The church must restore these as the priceless artifacts they are!
But I digress….. into these tunnels we went, currently home to various low level heathen gangs. No honor among them and we chased a few off after killing one (Sol Invictus will now take care of him). The way was treacherous and it was lucky we had Cailin as he seems to have skills more associated with a common ruffian than with a member of house Musso. Granted he needs A LOT of training as I was caught in a trap that he set off and I believe he accidentally set off at least one other. And his lack of burglary skill are not the most worrisome part – we encountered a spirit captured in a mirror who seemed to possess some ability for scrying. And this spirit referred to Cailin as the Air Genasi prince. Something he vehemently denies. Actually much too vehemently. But he is pretty useful with a scimitar and obviously Sol Invictus has blessed him with that skill. But he does seem to have an odd ‘connection’ with Flynn’s baboon. I am not sure what to make of that.
But the mirror did provide information about Lenara! So we followed the trail and came across a vile succubus! Thank Sol I was ready with a blindness spell! After that, it wasn’t much to send her to her much needed fate. There is one less demon to deal with!
And then we found the sweet and lovely Lenara, who thankfully was safe. I have sent her into hiding for her protection. And we found Caleb – who had been dominated by non other than Carlo himself. What challenge has Sol Invictus put before us? To combat one of our own! While you and I have not always seen eye to eye with Carlo, surely he is controlled by some greater evil? Sol Invictus would not allow someone of his standing in the church to fall to temptation? I must pray on this tonight as it weighs heavily on my mind. Along with Lenara were two dozen other kidnapped people – some of them children! We rescued them all and while returning them home, was when the miracle occurred. It seems Sol Invictus believed that Flynn had repented enough, done enough good to wash away his (obviously significant) sins and freed him from the bondage of his horrible mask. It simply fell away and we are now blessed by the beautiful face of the now reborn Flynn (who has many talents in combat).
And now on to the part you are totally unaware of my liege.
We snuck into Carlo’ tower (thanks to the wiles of Octavio) and within his study found many incriminating things! There was a trapped chest that Cailin managed to again, not successfully remove. Poor Flynn was almost incinerated! But we did find a tome of evil – identifying the process for immortality! We took the tome along with some other items and are pursuing the path that Sol Invictus has shown us.
I fear I will not be able to communicate much as I am sure Carlo’s guards know I was in the group that entered his tower. Pray he does not connect me back to you.
May Sol Invictus save us all.
Your servant


Rocktopus_Jones KevinMiller

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